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In what appears to be a full-out, flagrant show of the United States’ hypocritical stance on the growing and usage of hemp and marijuana, medical or otherwise. Raids continue to be carried out even after state dispensaries were told they were to be given safe harbor under the superseding state medical marijuana laws, the federal government “advised” the National Cancer Instituted to remove all suggestions alluding to the medical properties of cannabis from their website; one after the other, our government is employing these guerilla tactics against “Big Bad Marijuana” while issuing their buddies and campaign donors licenses to grow the plant legally, with carte blanche.

Consider US Patent 6,630,507, which describes and protects the use of cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. If the United States government truly believes that marijuana has no medicinal properties, why does the Department of Health and Human Services hold this patent, a patent that lists the application of medical marijuana during treatment as useful in the case of several diseases, including: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and HIV?

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Recovered last year at a garage sale outside the city of Buffalo, New York, the “lost hemp diaries” detail the work of Lyster Hoxie Dewey, who served as an assistant botanist of the United States Department of Agriculture from 1890 to 1902, and afterwards as botanist in charge of fibre investigations. In these marijuanalogues (for real) Lyster Dewey recorded his painstaking efforts cultivating varieties of hemp on a parcel of land belonging to the US Government, this parcel of land was then known as Arlington Farms, the chosen site for what is now the United States Pentagon, the largest office building in the world.

As early as 1914, Dewey writes of inspecting hemp at Arlington Farms. For nearly a quarter-century, he carefully notes his quotidian progress as a grower and hemp advocate: “Thursday, October 19, 1922. Fair, cool. Go to Arlington Farm on the 9 a.m. bus and work all day,” he wrote. “Harvesting Kymington, Yarrow, Tochigi, Tochimington, Keijo and Chinamington hemp.”

What was just another day at a garage sale will go down as another page in history of the United State’s twisted and sometimes ambiguous affair with hemp. David Sitarski was looking for local historical artifacts and stumbled upon several dusty diaries and yellowed photo albums and paid $130 for the items, planning on using them for a website he was creating. Eventually, after researching more about the artifacts, he deduced that the old man in the photographs was a crucial hemp pioneer, and jobless and hurting for cash, Sitarski auctioned off the items, asking $10,000. Michael Krawitz, funded by David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, was able to purchase the historic objects for $4,000 and has put them on display in a public museum. (Fun fact: Bronner was arrested in October 2010 for planting hemp seeds on a lawn at DEA headquarters.)

Lyster Dewey

Download Hemp by Lyster H. Dewey (USDA Yearbook of Agriculture 1914)

News Source: Washington Post

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