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Marijuana Arrests In Decline 0


In figures released by the FBI yesterday, marijuana related arrests have dropped for the first time since 2002. Also, interestingly enough, the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed increases in the numbers of Americans who admit having tried marijuana before. I’ll leave you with some interesting statistics about the marijuana arrests that happened in 2008.

  • 847,863 arrests on marijuana charges
  • 89 percent of which were for posession ONLY
  • One American was arrested for marijuana every 37 seconds
  • More arrested for possession than for all violent crimes combined

Pot Law Leaves Cops High & Dry 0


Stoners in the Boston Bay are stepping up their game when it comes to anti marijuana laws, and refusing to pay the $100 weed tickets that are doled out by the local law enforcement; even in light of the recent advances in the marijuana legislation there.

Actions such as this are causing the city to rethink how much effort is put into issuing these types of citations when citizens are not even forking over the cash.

The Boston Herald reports:

Somerville Deputy Chief Paul Upton said his officers are now writing few if any citations, in part because enforcing the law costs more money than it’s worth.

“If we send an officer to court, it’s going to cost us $250,” Upton said. “We’re not getting a lot of (citations) written.”

Unliked parking tickets and other traffic violations, where non payment can result in the loss of your drivers license, there are no threatening repercussions in unpaid weed tickets.

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