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Stoner MacGyver Makes Own Magic Flight Launch Box 0


A handy ent and avid redditor lowlyjanitor posted pictures and video of his homemade Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB), a portable vaporizer. After requests for a do-it-yourself guide, lowlyjanitor gave the people what they wanted.

Homemade MFLB

The picture gallery can be found here: — I will probably go through and add captions with helpful hints in the next week or so

The videos can be found here: – 4 movies in a zip archive ,15.25MB, 3gp format (what my phone saves it in) — if anyone wants to post these elsewhere or convert them or whatever feel free.

The schematic I made in google sketchup to work out the dimensions (print this if you are trying this, its a huge help):

DIY MFLB Diagram

The materials used:

  • Red Maple Wood Block (I got mine at Lowes, about $2 for a piece which they cut to 2 1/2 length for me)
  • 1/2″ x 6″ copper pipe hook, stainless steel coated in copper (I got mine at Lowes, and the link is a slightly bigger size, but has a good picture — just go to the pipe section at a large hardware store and you will find it) – Cost about $2
  • Stainless Steel Tea Ball, (Works, but mesh is slightly to large, tiny flecks get through when it is really dried and ground. Something like this, which is available here — I’m guessing about .006″ mesh, 304 stainless steel) – Cost about $2, but I had one anyway
  • Plexiglass cover (I went to michaels crafts framing department and had them cut a few for me — paid about Five bucks for 6)
  • Batteries — atleast 2000 mah, the higher the better – cost about $8
    Materials total: $20, with plenty of extra material for screwups, and including batteries which is a significant portion of that total

The tools used:

  • Wood saw (mine wasn’t a good type, so the cut where the negative terminal is uneven and junky)
  • Spade drill bits (I used 1 1/16″ for the large circle above the trench, and 9/16″ for the battery slot
  • Regular drill bit (To drill holes to connect copper rods to trench area. Just compare it to the pipe hangers, it should be a perfectly snug fit, no vapor should be able to escape, but not crazy hard to push in. One of my standard bits was absolutely perfect, I just forget the size)
  • Regular drill bit (I used another size to drill the hole you inhale through, which also drilled the trench beneath the large circle. Don’t recall the size, but you can figure it out.)
  • Wood Chisel, 9/16″ (I used this make the trench area nicer, and to shave it down so that the screen could get pinned under the rods more easily)
  • Sand paper, to beautify it

Thats it — even if you have to buy all the tools you will be saving money and have the fun of a DIY project

Things I would do different:

  • get a better saw so the notch is better
  • use a better screen like previously mentioned
  • make the screen have a deeper trench

That’s about it.

I tried getting a video of me vaporizing tobacco in it, but it wouldn’t show on my camera phone so I didn’t post it. It worked though, and tobacco takes a higher temp than herb

I would have tried for herb vaporizing, but I’m broke as a joke and will be for some time.

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