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Weedy Nutella Bagel 0


I was pretty stoked when I found this little gem on /r/trees, posting it here in case it ever gets deleted there.

Step one: spread an even layer of nutella (or peanut butter, they both work) around on both sides of the bagel.

Weedy Nutella Bagel - Step 1b
Weedy Nutella Bagel - Step 1b

Step two: weigh out half a gram of weed DUST. The finer ground the bud, the higher you’re going to get. Don’t just drop in big chunks that you broke up with your fingers, this won’t have enough surface are for all of the thc to transfer into the nutella. If you don’t have a grinder you can drop your bud in a shot glass and cut it up with scissors until it’s more of a dust.

Weedy Nutella Bagel - Step 2

Step three: spread the weed dust on one side of the bagel ONLY. you want both sides of the bud to be touching the nutella. If you put weed on both sides then you will have a nutella – weed – weed – nutella combination and not all of the THC will be absorbed.

Weedy Nutella Bagel - Step 3

Step four: microwave the bagel BEFORE PUTTING THE FOIL ON for 15 seconds.

Step five: press the top of the bagel down gently then wrap it once with foil. Wrap it a second time to be sure that the bagel is completely sealed off and THC vapor cannot leak out. This part is very important, do not attempt this without foil!

Weedy Nutella Bagel - Step 5a
Weedy Nutella Bagel - Step 5b
Weedy Nutella Bagel - Step 5c

Step six: preheat the oven to 320 F (315 is the vaporizing temperature for THC. Baking at 320 compensates should your oven be off by up to 5 degrees). Once the oven is preheated place your bagel on a cookie sheet and bake it for EXACTLY 22 minutes.

Step seven: remove the bagel from the oven and unwrap the foil. The bagel should be very hot and moist on the top.

Step eight: Move your bagel QUICKLY to the freezer and leave it in there for 2-3 minutes.

Step nine: enjoy your bagel!

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