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420 Cribs: The Hole 0


For the very first segment of 420 Cribs ever, we go to the humble smoke spot of a redditor who was kind enough to share his dank den with us. This crawlspace available from his dormitory is outfitted with comfortable seating, ambient lighting, as well as a giant box fan to keep it nice and cool while it’s hotboxed. Looks like all that’s missing is a black light and a big screen tv with game console!

Our kind buddy had this to say about his chill smoke spot:

Best part is the security. I also liked the intimacy it provided. I would never let anyone come in with a cellphone so that there were no distractions. Everyone who went in and smoked loved it and felt the same way I did about it. Sometimes I would come back from class and find friends already in there and I would just hop in with them.

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Autospense, Just An Automated MMJ Vending Machine 0


Autospense, a product by The Dispensary Group, aims to bring autonomy and reliability to an industry where customer service is unpredictable and hours of operation are a bit funky, for lack of a better word: with an automated vending machine that dispenses medical marijuana to patients.

After providing proper documentation and completing the screening process, a patient will be issued a pre-approved membership card that will allow access to any Autospense machine. This enables patients to obtain their medical prescriptions in an orderly fashion in a safe, legally compliant manner. It also allows store owners to not worry about unsavory personnel and focus on providing proper care for patients.

Autospense, Just An Automated MMJ Vending Machine

Oregon To Vote For Marijuana Legalization In November 0


Oregonians backing the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act looking to put a measure for the legalization of marijuana have gathered 165,000 signatures backing the proposition, well over the 87,000 required to achieve a spot on the ballot.

Should this measure be passed, Oregon will become the third state to legalize marijuana. The legalization of the use and sale of marijuana will create jobs in the hemp industry as well as drive tax revenue straight into the state’s general fund. The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act would also form the Cannabis Commission, a governing body that shall oversee the cultivation and sale of marijuana, as well as implement rules and regulations concerning such.

Source: CNBC

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