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Pullman, WA May OK MMJ Community Gardens 0


City council members of Pullman, Washington shall gather Tuesday, 08/22/2011, to discuss the topic of medical marijuana and the possibility of regulating newly approved “community gardens” that have been sprouting up all across the Evergreen State. In a recent (July 22) law change, patients in groups of up to 10 are allowed to join together and cultivate “community gardens” for the benefit of supplying themselves with medical marijuana.

Each garden would be limited to a maximum of 45 marijuana plants. The law also authorizes cities and counties to adopt zoning regulations, business licensing requirements, taxes and health and safety regulations related to these dispensaries.

Source: Standard Examiner

Regulations for Cultivation in Washington D.C. Set 0


One week ago yesterday the Washington D.C. Department of Health issued a series of strict guidelines and strictures that govern the application process and even acts as an initial screening process.

Potential applicants must consider a detailed security plan and outline the entire cultivation, harvesting and storage processes; then they must submit these along with a $5,000 application fee, $2,500 of which is non-refundable. Applications received are run through a vigorous and meticulous screening process.

Last month, the health department rejected 31 letters of intent to apply for one of 10 cultivation licenses or five dispensary licenses because of errors as simple as forgetting to put down an email address. [...] Applicants also must heed the finer points of the process, such as making 10 printed copies and one electronic PDF of all application materials. [...] No one can “amend, add to, correct, revise, or supplement” an application after it is submitted, so the health department advises applicants to take heed of revised rules in the regulations posted Friday.

You can view more information about the Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Program at the Health Regulation and Licensing Administration website.

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