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Dave’s Not Here, Man 0


Futurama gets me going every time I watch it, but every time I see this scene, I REALLLY crack up.

Wasted Potential: A Cost vs Benefit Analysis 0


Whether you love it or loathe it, or you just don’t care, there are some pretty important facts and statistics you should probably know to form your own educated opinion about the whole shebang, so here you are, courtesy of SloshSpot, your online hub for offline fun.

Wasted Potential: A Cost vs Benefit Analysis

Cadence Knows What Time It Is 0


If 4:20 is a time of day you hold dear, then there is no question that this is a watch for you. Cadence Watch Company, based out of Philadelphia, are clearly showing their 420-friendly side with this clever, subtle design. Pre-order your watch now, before they ship at the end of March!

Cadence Watch Company - 4:20 Watch

Glass on Glass: Boba Fett 0


Welcome to the first installment of Glass on Glass, where I, glasskitten, will present the best of my findings fom my endeavors as a paraphernalia connoisseur.

Today, I bring you a true masterpiece. It’s a freaking Boba Fett helmet that you put on and smoke out of. Yes, you put it on your head and inhale through the mouthpiece INSIDE the helmet! It doesn’t get any better than this, and while it’s probably going to always be a two person chore smoking out of this thing, it gives the rich pothead who owns it a chance to show it off.

Boba Fett Glass Piece
Boba Fett Glass Piece
Boba Fett Glass Piece

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